Friday, June 5, 2009

No crying over spilled milk

clear glass of milk that has spilled on table

photo source royalty free

Here is the intro into this blog entry...earlier in the evening Jenna was on the computer watching Tom & Jerry cartoons and she took a break to go to the refrigerator and get a cup of milk to bring back to the desk.  She had it sitting on the desk top but somehow managed to hit it accidentally with her arm spilling the milk all over the floor.  I am proud of myself to report that I remained “cool as a cucumber” .....she said “aren’t you going to yell at me?”  I said to her “no, you know what you did wrong and in the future if you put the cup off to the side then this won’t happen again.”  I cleaned up the milk mess and then I followed it up by saying to her “five more minutes and then it is off to bed for you because we have to get up early in the morning in order to get you ready in time for your classmate Toby’s birthday party.”  I went back down stairs to finish washing the dishes and then came back up to turn off the computer and get her to bed. As I turned off the screen, I noticed my new computer flat screen had milk splattered all over it.  When the milk fell earlier, it must of did some sort of splash onto the computer screen as well because there was traces of milk splattered  all the way across the monitor.  I was by now starting to get agitated and did my bitching about what a mess it was and informed her of all the milk all over the screen.   I proceeded to clean the milk off the screen and she said she was sorry as she headed off to bed.  

The room was pretty dark and I went over to kiss her and tuck her in to bed.  I turned around to head back down the stairs.  Little did I know but my ELDERLY 16 year old dog Tiki took a dump right at the top of the stairs and I unknowingly stepped right into it.  By the time I got 3/4 of the way down the stairs I started to smell that “fresh stepped right into poop smell”.   My cool as a cucumber attitude that I had minutes prior in the evening got kicked right out the window and CRABBILY I blurted out a huge “NOW, WHAT??? What the heck?  DID I JUST STEP INTO DOG POOP?”  I yelled out “For the love of Pete,  first milk on the floor, then milk on the computer screen, now poop tracked all the way down the stairs.....WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?”  Jenna who is oblivious to my pain of misfortune, suddenly blurts out from the bed a reply to my question “Ah, Mom, don’t you know, that would be Toby’s birthday party in the morning.”  Her reply which included no compassion to my sudden streak of bad luck almost triggered me to get even more irritated and mad.  Suddenly a gush of delirious giggles immediately rushed through my body for seeing the funnier side within her simple reply including her oversight of my pain. It is either cry or laugh at this point. I decided to laugh in the face of despair as this made my next task of cleaning up stinky dog poop not so awful after all.  I chuckled to myself with each whiff of pungent poop smell..... mumbling “This kind of stuff only happens to me, only to me, only to me...”  *sigh*
*ahhhhh.... the knowledge of a five year old to keep me in line for seeing things in a different light.....thanking my lucky stars....

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.