Wednesday, June 15, 2011

No crying over spilled milk

An oldie but a goodie...

This blog entry is from my older blog of June 5th, 2009...  but I felt it was worth a re-post. 

I'm tellin' ya', when it rains it pours and things always seem to come in threes...I'm just sayin'.  Earlier in the evening Jenna was on the computer watching Tom & Jerry cartoons.  She decided to take a break and went to the refrigerator to get a cup of milk to bring back to the desk.  She had it sitting on the desk top but somehow she managed to hit it accidentally with her arm spilling the milk all over the floor.  I am proud of myself to report that I remained “cool as a cucumber” .....she said “aren’t you going to yell at me?”  I said to her “no, you know what you did wrong and in the future if you put the cup off to the side then this won’t happen again.”  I cleaned up the milk mess on the floor and then I followed it up by saying to her “five more minutes and then it is off to bed for you because we have to get up early in the morning in order to get you ready in time for your classmate Toby’s birthday party.”  I went back down stairs to finish washing the dishes and then came back up to turn off the computer and get her to bed. I noticed my new computer flat screen had milk splattered all over it.  When the milk fell earlier, it must of did some sort of splash onto the computer screen as well because there was traces of milk splattered  all the way across the computer screen and in the little crevices along the edge.  I was by now starting to get agitated and did my bitching to her about how much of a mess it was and informed her that the milk not only went on the floor but flew up and splattered all over the new screen.   I proceeded to clean the milk off the monitor and she apologized about how sorry she was as she headed off to bed.  
The room was pretty dark and I went over to kiss her and tuck her in to bed.  I turned around to head back down to the kitchen.  Little did I know but my ELDERLY 16 year old dog Tiki took a dump right at the top of the stairs and I unknowingly stepped right into it as I made my way down the stairs.  By the time I got 3/4 of the way down the stairs I started to smell that “fresh stepped right into poop smell”.   My cool as a cucumber attitude that I had minutes prior in the evening got kicked right out the window and CRABBILY I blurted out a huge “NOW, WHAT??? What the heck?  DID I JUST STEP INTO DOG POOP?”  I yelled out “For the love of Pete,  first milk on the floor, then milk on the computer screen, now poop tracked all the way down the stairs.....WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?”  Jenna who is oblivious to my pain of misfortune, suddenly blurts out from the bed with a reply to my question “Ah, Mom, don’t you know, that would be Toby’s birthday party in the morning.”  Her reply which included no compassion to my sudden streak of bad luck almost triggered me to get even more irritated and mad.  Suddenly a gush of delirious giggles immediately rushed through my body for seeing the funnier side within her simple reply and her oversight of my anguish. I thought to myself, it is the spilled milk that started all of this tension, so it is either cry over it or laugh at it.  I decided to laugh in the face of despair as this made my next task of cleaning up stinky dog poop not so awful after all.  I chuckled to myself with each whiff of pungent poop smell..... mumbling “This kind of stuff only happens to me, only to me, only to me...”  *sigh*
*ahhhhh.... the knowledge of a five year old to keep me in line for seeing things in a different light.....thanking my lucky stars....

I am thankful for laughter except when milk comes out of my nose.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

You wish it....I'll poof it!

This is too cute....I felt it deserved a re-post from my older blog of May 23rd, 2009
you wish it, I'll poof it, a little girl whacking the dandelions

The minute Jenna woke up, she voiced those six words that would echo out of her mouth for the rest of the morning ... “is it time to go yet?” The day started out gloomy and dreary and I was a little doubtful of our departure to the carnival.  Jenna continued to kept on asking throughout the morning “is it time to go yet?”  I replied, “not yet honey, let’s hold out to see if the weather gets better.” She had been talking about going all week long. It was starting to make me a little crazy with the constant questioning. Eventually the six words “is it time to go yet?” turned into “Mom, can we go now?”   Finally the sun started to break through and I said, “ok, let’s go!”  It was a perfect beautiful sunny day for a fun filled day at the carnival.  Against my better judgement, she was even able to drag me onto the “Tilt a Whirl” or what I call “Instant Self Induced Nausea Ride”.  I felt a little sick afterwards but the trade off of being able to see her face light up before the ride was worth it.  We even played a fishing game where she won a  fairy looking wand that was decorated up with thin colorful mylar streamers at each end of the baton. We finally decided to call it a day and started to head back to vehicle.  Jenna was walking ahead of me by a few steps and suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks, she gasps and turns back to look at me and exclaims excitedly “LOOK MOM!” as she is pointing to a huge section of over developed fluffy dandelions that are standing straight as soldiers right by the sidewalk.  I thought to myself....only a child would notice these almost dead plants and be excited about them.  She bursted out “CAN I MOM?”  I replied back to her “Can you do what sweetie?” She exclaimed “Mom, you wish it.....I’ll poof it!”  I thought to myself, now that has got to be one of the cutest sayings ever.... “you wish it, I’ll poof it”.  A kid never stops having fun...why don’t adults enjoy more of these inexpensive simplistic fun moments?  I said to her “your only a kid once.... you go girl, but first let me get the camera out!”  The thrill of anticipation was in her voice “Now mom?”

$25.00 in tickets for carnival rides
$1.50 brat
$2.00 magic wand
$1.50 soda
the moment of joy on a child’s face after whacking the dandelions....

*** View the video below for the grand finale of 
We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

CSD: Peaceful and Serenity


CSD: Peaceful and Serenity: "This image of a sunrise was unbelievably striking with the fog floating in the air. An immediate CSD moment, I am glad that I got up early ..."


Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.

Saturday, June 11, 2011



CSD: BOTTOMS UP: "Lady Lizzie bug is having a party at her place....I dropped in for some snapshots of their bottoms up event. They were really busy and igno..."


Happiness is not perfected until it is shared...

Friday, June 10, 2011

call me crazy

I stumbled onto this picture somewhere out there in the Internet me crazy, but I can really relate to this statement.  Somethings don't need an explanation...and one of those things is simply.... unconditional love.  I could of swore I heard a profound quote from Princess Diana that she had said to one of her sons  "that if you find someone in your life that truly loves you then you should hang on to that love" but the only thing that I am finding on the net is the one quote below in red.   Either way, I think it is well put.

If you find someone you love in your life, then hang on to that love. -Princess Diana

Thursday, June 9, 2011



CSD: HEY HEY HEY FROGGY BABY: "This cute little frog has made his home in our pond behind the house. Looking at this frog makes me think that he is thinking 'now, what is..."


Home is not where you live but where they understand you.


Jenna wanted to go to the neighbors house and play on their water slip and slide.  I helped her get her swimsuit on.  To keep her warm on her bike ride over to their house, I had her also throw on over her swimsuit a ruffled mini skirt and a pull over top.  Well, she came home looking the same way that I sent her, so I assummed she had the same thing on underneath.  I figured her swimsuit got wet during their playing but then it air dried before she threw back on her clothes.

I was wrong....

She was goofing around with Uncle Tim.  Uncle Tim tackled her to the ground to tickle her.  He tickled her to the point of her saying "Uncle, please no more ".....he stopped and she kind of laid their recuperating.  I glanced over to her, after the tickle event of her on the floor, her skirt had kind of lifted to her hip and I could barely see the crack of her butt peeking out from under her skirt.  I blurted out..... "JENNA, do I see what I think I see!?!"  She kind of looked at me with a blank look, with like what are you talking about mom?  I said again "Jenna, do you really have no underwear on?"  Without saying anything, she looked at me with a face like .... oh no, I'm in trouble now.   I said to her "why are you wearing no you like it airy down there or something?"  Her eyes got big and pronounced and she blurted out a "WHAT did YOU just SAY?"  I repeated myself and Jenna replied "oh, I thought you asked me if I like it hairy down there or something."  I chuckled but really, how do you respond to that???  Conversation done.
*sigh*   Later that day, being the responsible parent, I explained the importance of wearing underwear...

Remember…the freedom you experience today came at a great cost to those before you.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Not your typical BEE line...

Sigh, the beautiful weather has finally arrived in Wisconsin and it has been absolutely perfect for walks in the evening.  My sister Shelly and I have been on our quest to do a lot of walking in an attempt to aid in weight loss before we go on vacation.  Our ritual involves bringing the dog Niki for her added exercise and my daughter Jenna tags along on her bike as well.  

We have a newly developed sub division behind our house that has very little traffic so that has been our choice for safe walking.  Their neighborhood layout is kind of horseshoe shaped, and in order to enter this new subdivision, we have to walk down our road, make a turn and then were in for our evening stroll.    

As we were walking, my sister announced that she wishes she would of made a pit stop to the bathroom before our take off because she now feels that she really has "to go pee".  I  listened and replied "Maybe we can cut our walk short if you like."  On this walk, we typically walk this entire horse shoe shape to one end, then turn around to come back. Shelly insisted on sticking it out and being a sport to do the entire normal length that we usually take.  

At the tail end of our walk, you can see a full view of the backside of our house.  As we stand on the street, the only thing separating us is a long line of deep empty lots.   We made it to this view and by this point, my sister has to "really go."  She announces, "I'm going to have to cut this short, would you mind if I left you guys, as I have to go so bad that I am really considering making a bee line across the lot to the bathroom!"  Jenna being the young one that she is and not knowing a lot of American phrases, was listening to Shelly's remark and had a face of sheer shock.  She looked at Aunt Shelly and asked… "Aunt Shelly, are you really going to make a PEE line across the field to the bathroom?!?...why not wait till you get to the bathroom?!?"   Shelly and I were laughing so hard that we both just about pee our pants right there in the street!  

Again, Jenna did not think that was too funny that we were 1) laughing at what she said, and 2)that she was in the dark of what a bee line means.  This kid is seriously going to have a complex with us laughing at what she says, but I just can't help but bust a gut at some of the things she comes up with...

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.