Sunday, July 10, 2011

The day of the doldrums

I feel just like the picture looks.  I really don't have too many days like these....typically I am a fairly chipper personality type.  Today, my hormones must be cranked up to 'freakin out of control so am feeling a bit blue.   I'm having one of those days that you could just cry for no good reason at all.  Kind of feeling like an emotional roller coaster, I'm just 'sayin.  Seriously, is this what getting older does to you? I'm sure you don't care to hear me ramble on.....   blah, blah, blah.

Okay, I feel a tiny bit better now that I got that off of my chest.  But only a tiny bit.... wha-a-a wha-a-a wha-a-a.  Jeepers, I'm not using any swear words here, but I even had a large bowl of a turtle icecream sundae!  Comfort food = icecream.  Isn't icecream suppose to be the cure all?  Hoping tomorrow will offer up some better feelings, 'cause this basically sucks.

Nobody can be exactly like me….sometimes even I have trouble doing it. 

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