Saturday, June 23, 2012

hCG - day 3

Okay, so I have finished my two days of loading yesterday.  It says that you can eat as much as you want throughout these two days, they call them "gorge days."  I really don't feel like I gorged, but must of ate enough calories because when I got on the scale this morning, I magically plunked on another two pounds above and beyond from after my vacation.  Argh, this is the most weight that I have ever been in my whole entire life!  It was depressing to even look at the scale.  This max weight is seven pounds higher then the weight I was at after I gave birth to my daughter (which was about eight years ago).  Will this craziness ever end????  Very sad face here....

Hopefully in a week I will have a better attitude and will be able to say bub-bye "rolls of fat' forever!  I am looking forward to this hCG plan as once you have finished the low calorie diet, it then gets you to a transition period that they call stabilization.  I think that is really what most of my diet routines have been missing.  Because typically I go off my diet and my body has a hay day with the sudden introduction of food that it was missing.  Perhaps if I stabilized my time after dieting I could transition on my own as well without hCG.  But I have read the book that talks about the three different levels of fat and I have a feeling that if I did the stabilization on my own that the wrong fat would be taken during the 500 calorie days and then the stabilization may still try to bounce back to to fill that void?  Who the the heck knows!    

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