Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Little Free Library

The Little Library, free community library, box

This is a warm and fuzzy idea... "Little Free Library."  If it does not put a smile on your face, there is a good chance that it will put a smile on someone elses face.  They are adorable little book boxes housing a home until the next visitor comes along to take and read.  What a great way to build a sense of community and a love of reading!  

The Little Free Library is basically an easy and fun way to share books with neighbors. Take a book, leave a book. It’s that simple. You can even leave a little note too if you want to. And there’s no rule about age categories.  Do you have some books cluttering the house? Drop them in "The Little Free Library" box for the next visitor to enjoy.  Your visitor will possibly have tons of fun discovering books that you once enjoyed.  These little libraries are popping up everywhere and if your luck is good, there may be one near you!  If not, why not start one of your own?  Little Free Library sells mini libraries or will show you how to build one of your very own!  Better yet, you can add your own personal touch if you feel inspired.  This great little idea is bound to be a page turner.


Happiness is not perfected until it is shared.

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