Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Water Weight Gain

.... I'm feeling a little bloated, sheeshhhh!
Looks like you put on a little weight over the holidays.....yeah, but it is mostly water weight, retaining water


me:  "Jenna, do you have any candy? .... I've got a sweet tooth."
my daughter Jenna: (smirking) "I have emergency candy..."
me: "really?  what is that?"
my daughter Jenna:  "oh well, it's like candy I try to forget about so it lasts longer...."
me: "oh really?"  "hmmmm..."  "You've been holding out on me with this big secret, hey?"
my daughter Jenna: "um, well yeah, I guess..."
me:  "I'm thinking it's an emergency then! just 'sayin...  so, let's see this private stash ;)"
candibulance, emergency candy

Sunday, December 15, 2013