Wednesday, July 9, 2014


All of these years to find out that I have been eating cake all wrong.  This is how you eat cake....(This really hit home for me busting my gut laughing while looking at the last image and reading this phrase) "You become the cake as it fills your spirit!"
little girl enjoying her cake all over her face, You become the cake as it fills your spirit.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby on board!

Love it!
doll attached to board for baby on board

Get out of my head...

My daughter Jenna just cracks me up!!!!!
Me:"Jenna, you know that song you were playing yesterday a bazillion times over and over? Well it's stuck in my head today!"
Jenna: "what song is that?"
Me: "well it goes something like this (I verbally start singing my rendition of the song)
Jenna: "mom, mom, okay I get it, I get it!!!.... Play it in your head because it's better in your head!"

So does this mean I am bad at singing?  
vintage lady with expression of hurts my ears, #OutOfTheMouthOfBabes