Saturday, May 29, 2010

Campfire Confessions

burning campfire

photo source royalty free

Campfires are so calm and relaxing, I think it sets the mood for one to just start talking & spew...

My family decided to have a campfire this evening in the back yard.  The evening was the most perfect evening for a campfire!  Not too hot out or not too cold.  The intro to the evening was set with one of the most beautiful sunsets that I have ever seen.  Once we had been out by the fire for awhile, my nephew took on the reins for being master of the campfire. He was stoking and making sure the flames were at a good height. The evening was relaxing with one of the biggest full moons that I have seen in long time.  The frogs must of been happy too as they were croaking their little hearts out.  We talked about how loud they were and my nephew who was full of factoids during the course of the evening exclaimed “Do you know that a blue dart frog has enough poison to kill 10 people if they licked it?”  We roared laughing....  I said “you sure would not catch me licking any frog anytime, any day!”

My legs were getting extremely warm from the heat being thrown off the fire.  I said to my nephew, “If my legs are hot, you are  closer to the fire than me....aren’t your legs hot sweetie?”  He immediately replied “yeah, I don’t want to get too close because the hairs on my legs will get burnt off.”  With amazement I said jokingly to my nine year old nephew “You have hair on your legs?” I was taken back by his reply, “Yeah I do, and I’ve got a lot more in my armpits!”  Part of that remark made me feel 1) OLD know that my nephew has arrived at puberty which made me think of other things with hair by them!   2) No, I should not see how much hair is in my nephew’s armpit....ewwwwww 3) Amazing, the things one talks about around a campfire!

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roller Derby Roller Skating

roller derby ladies

photo source royalty free  
“Am I too old for roller derby?”   I can’t believe that I am actually entertaining the thought.  It is not like I am going to sign up tomorrow, but I think it would be a sport that I would actually like to consider.  

“Mom, can I go to Skater’s Edge?”  These very words from  Jenna could be the start of something crazy.  My daughter got me out on the roller skating rink tonight.  I was a little apprehensive on the venture as it is something I have not done in about a good 30 years.  Wow, did the shins and calves scream like crazy when I started to take off.  Wobbly and pain all wrapped into one.  I thought, it’s got to be like getting back onto a bicycle after 30 years of not riding.  A little rusty but familiar.  As the evening progressed I was going fast and furious but not too crazy.  Memories of skating back in the 80’s were flooding in my mind.  I remembered doing some crazy moves with my legs back then where you would kind of weave them back and forth and one leg would come in front of the other and back and switch off.  My mind wanted to do it but my body was screaming “how do I do this?”  It is funny how you know you can do it in your mind but your body is saying “hey, you have not done this in years and now you are going to really pay for this if you screw up in real time.”  I got a little cocky out there and did a little swaying back and forth but ended up doing the Fred Flinstone dance and luckily caught my balance before a disaster happened.  Amazingly enough I made it through the evening without falling to the floor.  

Jenna kept on saying “Mom, I’ll race you and win”. I replied “Your on!”  So as I was barreling around and around the rink tonight bent over like a roller derby queen and trying to keep up with her I thought “I feel like a 1970’s roller derby gal”.  Is this something that I could do for a sport?  Back in the 70’s I remember watching this sport on tv all the time.  I got a charge out of watching these gals with their attitudes and crazy out fits rough each other up as they raced around the derby track.   They have a team of these ladies in the Fox Valley city....and I could actually go and participate.  My biggest fear is that now since I am now over forty that maybe my bones are not quite like they use to be.  Wow, am I out of my mind to be actually kicking the tires to do this crazy sport?  I can not believe that I would consider doing such a thing but hey, I guess if one can....then maybe one should?!?  Maybe I my theme could be ....”THE BITCH IS BACK”.   Yeah the fevers gonna catch you when the bitch is back!

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.