Saturday, July 3, 2010

Person in bunny costume creates tears

I found this story in my life journals from March 15, 2005. It is pretty comical so I decided that I had to share it on eDOOZIE!

This last Sunday I had time to squeeze in an appointment for new pictures of Jenna. They turned out so cute! I can't wait to share them... I went to Express Portraits and had her picture taken with a real live bunny rabbit for Easter. My friend told me about this option for a real live bunny and suggested that I do it with Jenna while she was still young. You have to make it known when you sign up for an appointment that you want the live bunny sitting. So that is what I did.... but a kind of a funny story in itself manifested. When I got there, they signed me in and ask me to wait in the lobby and someone would be right with me. As I waited, a real live person came out of a room next to the lobby dressed in a furry bunny costume. This person had the entire costume on with the head and all! I thought for a quick moment and wondered if perhaps I mis-understood the whole gamma of the live bunny thing. I was banking on there being a bunny type of real soft fur, small enough to hold in your arms, furry, cute with a wiggly nose and whiskers. I pointed to the person dressed in the bunny costume and said to Jenna "look Jenna, there is the Easter Bunny!" She looked at the Easter Bunny and with the fear of God started shaking, screaming and crying. Really LOUD as in ear drum piercing screams I might add! I picked her up and said "Well, if this is the live bunny, then we got a problem". I turned to the lady and she assured me that it was a small real bunny animal and it was very cute, adorable and furry. Once Jenna calmed down she did really well with that little bunny. No loud screaming or crying :), it was a very funny journey though I must say!

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.