Monday, August 2, 2010

Is Mickey Mouse dead?

EAA Oshkosh Air, cemetery, grave, mickey mouse headstone

We were on our way to the EAA Oshkosh Air Adventure Show and parked quite a distance away from the entrance. Jenna and I were trailing along behind my brother-in-law and nephew. We decided to walk up in the grass away from the road. Up ahead I could see a cemetery. As we approached the cemetery I looked over to it and noticed an unusual headstone which made me stop dead in my tracks. I just kind of gazed at it trying to figure out what it was at first and then in my mind... I knew. Silently I thought to myself....a Mickey Mouse silhouette, now this is a first, it must be a child’s headstone. In my peaceful quiet thinking, out of the blue, I was suddenly alarmed by a huge load scream coming from my daughter Jenna.  I quickly advert my attention to my little Jenna as she loudly blurts out with a noticeable tone of a fear of death..... “MOM, IS MICKEY MOUSE DEAD?!?!?” I about busted a gut right there in the cemetery and wanted to roll with laughter on the ground! Once I gathered my composure I sighed, “oh my dear Jenna..... you sure keep me laughing and see the lighter side of life.” She had the look of fear on her face and again loudly said “NO, REALLY MOM, IS MICKEY DEAD?” Here I thought she was trying to be funny and I realized she was dead serious and wanted an answer immediately! I had to explain it to her of course but her inquisitive question sure did make my day! With my curiosity I had to go to the other side to read the inscription....amazingly enough it was not a child’s headstone. It had a woman’s name on it and she was in her 30’s. I was happy to see that we are never too old to have a Mickey Mouse headstone!  I think more headstones should be more artsy like that...

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