Monday, December 20, 2010

The cutest little Beefeater picture in the world...

beefeater costume, england
I remember seeing this picture cross my path throughout my years growning up.  Today I was cleaning my room and found it sitting on the floor.  It must of fell off the shelf from above.  I picked it up and decided it was worth a picture taking event to go digital!  

My beautiful mother in merry 'ol England....
This picture was taken in June of 1953. The neighbors that lived on the street where my mother grew up in Bedford England threw a street party in honor of her majesty, the Queen of England.  It was the Queen's official Coronation. During the street party in her neighborhood, there was a costume contest for the big event and my mother won 2nd place. She is dressed in costume to look like a "Beefeater" guard. In principle a Beefeater is responsible for looking after any prisoners at the Tower and safeguarding the British crown jewels, but in practice they act as tour guides and are a tourist attraction in their own right. Mom, you look very darn cute, you are first place in my mind! Okay, so if anyone wants to challenge me that they have a cuter Beefeater picture .....bring it on :)

Put a grain of boldness in everything you do.

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