Thursday, December 23, 2010

Who's got talent?

talent, double jointed finger

She said it with a really sad voice...."Mommy, I don't have any talents"...sighing... "the girls that sit by my desk are all talented and I don't have any talents".   While I was listening to her, I reflect on the past few evenings thinking to myself that Jenna and I seem to be having some interesting conversations lately right before I go to tuck her into bed at night.   I responded with "well Jenna, what makes you say this? Was someone talking and bragging about their talents?"  She responded with a sheepish "yeah"....

While scrambling in my mind for one of her talents, I respond back to her "well, I am sure you have some talents that you can share with your fellow friends, yeah?"  She replies back, "no Mom I don't, one girl says this and the other says that and I don't have anything to say."  She says, "I even showed them my crooked fingers and they don't think that is a talent!"   OH MY .... I just about blew boogers hearing her say that!  Just to think my daughter has the only talent of "crooked fingers"!  I hate to laugh out loud in front of her with such a fragile subject but I was dying of laughter inside and couldn't hold it in!  I did not want to make her feel bad but could not control myself and I couldn't stop laughing.  Luckily as she watched me roll with laughter it became contagious and we were both laughing hysterically. 

When she was a little tiny baby I was so amazed at how her tiny little fingers would bend practically back into a "L" shape.  I knew babies were flexible but questioned if my precious one was a little abnormal.  As she grew older, we discovered she had a hidden talent....DOUBLE JOINTED-DOM.  She get's this talent from her father.  I've expressed to her in the past that it is not a freak show but a talent that most people can not do and she should be proud of it. Ever since she was a baby, she would show off her talent and make everyone shriek with horror of how do you do that!  It was such an odd sight, as her fingers bend back at the knuckles.  This last month, I have even noticed that her arms have an odd bend at the elbows.  We often joke around about how one day if she couldn't get a normal job, that she could go work for the circus with her little talent! We would laugh and she takes it all in with stride and amazingly with no embarrassment.   She would actually smile at us like she was enjoying making her audience cringe.   Little did I know that I was subliminally driving into her mushy little brain to thinking that this was in fact a real and bona fide talent!  I've created a monster... I think it is time to start some singing or ballet lessons.... OH MY!

Be determined to see the world in every aspect that may be possible for you and doors will open.

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