Wednesday, December 15, 2010

word of the day .....OUR

Kids sure come up with the funniest comebacks, along with the fact that most of the time they are so darn innocent and serious when they come up with them.  Jenna and I were practicing her spelling words this morning.  As I was reviewing the list,  I was looking out the window into the horizon and saw the church sitting on the hill behind our house where we live.   After seeing the church, I took a deep breath and said  "Jenna, spell OUR".  With the church in my line of view,  I then put the word in an sentence and verbally said to Jenna, "Our Church is going on a trip soon".  I know you are probably & trip?  Who the heck knows why I used trip in the sentence.  Maybe because winter has just barely officially started and I am suffering from the winter blues.  There is a ton of white snow on the ground and all I can think of is going some place warm with the sand between my toes and palm trees all around.... suddenly I am brought back from my vacation dreaming as Jenna replies with a loud comeback of authority "Mom, Churches don't move!"  I laughed so hard, I just about choked on my morning coffee!

One reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.  

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