Sunday, January 9, 2011

A chicken nugget slap... back into reality.

It's been awhile since I laughed so hard that my gut hurt and was snorting in between breaths.  My sister  and I were discussing the woes of life this morning.  I usually don't like to talk about the woes but I am in a transition of my life which seems to be a never ending tunnel of woes, so therefore it was time to discuss the woes.  I am not going to get into the details of what the particular woes are because that probably would and could bore you to death and I then I would have no one to read these silly blog entries.  I will however say that during this discussion we were talking about our personal possessions and how we as humans tend to "collect a lot of stuff" throughout our lifetime.  With growing older every year, eventually one day you wake up and say "man, I've got a lot of shit".  Excuse my french but that is the best way to put it, I guess.  Even though we were at the kitchen island deep in discussion, we kind of forgot that her son (my nephew) and his buddy were sitting in the living room merely a dozen steps away playing video games.  Now that I have all the characters in place, I will carry on with the funny discussion of woes.  With that being said, we were deep in discussion referring to our beloved crap that we seem to find a home for and keep around or if we don't have a spot then it goes into a box or off to Goodwill.   I must be border line hormone unbalanced as I was sobbing about my woes and I got my sister so wound up that she starting talking about and relating to how she has a lot of "shit" as well.  Since "shit" really is not protocol for our children to say and we have hammered it into their mushy brains that it is not acceptable to say, my nephew was in the living room saying "Ah, mom.....Ah mom....MOM, you are swearing....."  We were so engrossed in the heat of our conversation that we were kind of blocking him out and not acknowelging his twerps of adult warning in swear word usage.  I was using the word and so was my sister.  He finally yelled out "JEEZ  can't you use a different word in place of it?  Say like "chicken nuggets or something"?  We both stop our conversation dead in our tracks, kind of like the heavens had opened up and a huge voice came down to warn us of our bad behavior!  My nephews suggestion made us burst out laughing as well.  We both looked at each other like we were oblivious to that fact that we were using bad language.... "did we really use the word shit more than a half a dozen times just now?"  I think you had to be there in the heat of the moment because chicken nuggets sounded so funny and wacky to use in place of the word shit that we busted a gut that my nephew even suggested we use chicken nuggets for a replacement.  My sis then picked the discussion right back up from where she left off... using the word "chicken nuggets" in place of the "swear word" and we both laughed even more hysterically.  Not because of the swear words, but because I was still emotionally unbalanced, I then confessed that I was feeling like a looser and that I needed to know and hear that I was a looser in order to get better.  His buddy must of thought we were on the verge of craziness as he pipes up in a really confused voice "You're going to try to get better at being a looser?" sis and I both blew boogers with his response.  Out of the mouth of babes.....we now have a new code word for swearing "chicken nuggets"! Try it will make you chuckle. Well, it at least did for us!

Laughter translates into any language