Thursday, April 21, 2011

A great comeback for "I can't promise you anything"

Well, I have stumbled onto a new comeback this morning.   One that you "yourself" can utilize.  

My daughter Jenna loves it when I get a chance to go to school and have lunch with her.  Lately though, I have been a very, very naughty mommy by being forgetful about the proposed luncheon.  With my luck it is probably Alzheimers setting in.  It is probably something I should not joke about as it will come back to bite me in the arse, I'm sure of it.  I've been a crazy scatter brain lately.  It gets a little hairy, between being a mom, going to college, my homework and work in general.  Work has me pulling my hair out this last week so I am going to push the blame to that side of the scale.   

Jenna asked if I would go to lunch with her last Thursday and I accepted her invitation with a big smile and a sounding "Yes, I would love to."  I however had "the lights are on in the brain but nobodys home" syndrome that day and failed to show up.  I'm in floral sales and was pre-occupied with getting my holiday orders in for Mother's Day.  I felt so bad as I had forgotten on that Thursday that I said I would for sure go on Friday.  AGAIN, that Friday I did it again!  Since it was Friday,  I promised to her that I would come in for sure on Monday.  Once the word promise came out of my mouth, I knew I had a huge responsibility to own up to.

Even after the promise, the kicker is that I was finishing up my holiday orders on Monday and had my head so wrapped around work that I overlooked going again!    I felt aweful but luckily Jenna has the best dispositon that a kid could have and she was not only understanding but forgiving.   I apologized to her over and over once she got home from school and I even said I would offer up some purchased store bought gift for being such scatter brain.  A monetary trade off always seems to work with kids!  I learned a leasson not to promise anything and then I won't feel so bad if it does not come to fruition.  

So, going back to the promise comeback...this morning Jenna was on me to come to school to have lunch with her at school today.  I said to her "I don't know honey, I am not going to promise anything.  If I can come, I'll come and if I can't come...I won't be there."  It's funny how a kid thinks as her reply to me was... "you really don't have to promise anything, just say YES!"  I was rolling with laughter on her comeback!  I am going to use that line one of these days...

Just because something doesn't do what you planned doesn't mean it is useless.

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