Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CSD: Beauty in the eye of the traveler


CSD: Beauty in the eye of the traveler: "My CSD kicked in this last weekend while I was out traveling.  I could not help myself and took off running for the pier in order to catch ..."

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Swimming in shoes

blue swimming flippers, with high heels attached

The complete innocence of my daughter and her thoughts just cracks me up sometimes.  This last week we had to get her some fancy shoes for a wedding that we were going to.  Mind you, we got this chore done four weeks ago by buying her some platform shoes.  I bought her a pair against my better judgement.   I thought to myself, "self, this could possibly come back to bite you in the arse with comments of chalk this one up for poor choices made in your life." Where does one cross over from flats to heels?  Is is a magical moment of a sense of awareness in ones ability to be able to balance on one foot?  She was so pumped up and excited about having some stylish shoes that it was hard to say no.  I thought I would give her a chance to prove me wrong. While we were at the store shopping and trying them on, she seemed to have the knack of walking in them gracefully but once we got home she had a few wobble incidences that made me wonder if I made the right choice.  The rules were she was only to wear them around the house in case I felt a need to return them.  Well, my sister and mother caught her teetering and they both suggested that perhaps they were too mature for her age.  I felt that huge bite on the arse immediately after their comments... so that basically confirmed the shoes were on their way back to get a refund.

I was bumming that I was back to square one.  Here I thought I was ahead of the game but now I am racing against the clock.  That is so how my life shakes out most of the time. So, there we sit one week to go before the wedding and no shoes for her. One would think that this task would be easy but this was no easy task for some reason. The stores just don't seem to have a nice variety of fancy yet basic styles.  If they were flat with open toe, they pretty much looked like you should be at a beach instead of a wedding.   Since the the trend is platforms, they have some obnoxious styles even for seven year old sizes. We found an adorable pair at one store that were a good wedding candidate but they were designed oddly.  She had her foot in the shoe but the strap was very generous even on the last hole for tightening.  The strap was really sloppy and not even touching the heel of her foot.  While she had her foot in the shoe, I was messing around with the strap and trying to adjust it to see if I could get it tighter. I was in shock with how much space was between her heel and the strap that I eventually remarked in amazement to her "wow, you are swimming in these!"  She replied with excitement and all seriousness "Mom, I can actually swim in these shoes?"  Oh my, I busted a gut right there on the store sales floor!  I must add, she was dead serious with her question and very mad that I was laughing at her question.  I told her to relax as it was just a saying.  She replied "you mean I really can't go swimming in these?"  I said "no, it's just a "saying", Dear."  She of course wanted me to explain what a saying was.  I have a feeling she had better get use to me laughing at her as that seems to be the trend lately.

Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

stuck'in hot

stuck'in hot  |stək in hät|
1 when you are out of your mind sitting in a car between two people, you can't budge, you feel hot and not only that... you feel like you are going to go stir crazy mad in your mind because you can't move an inch.  

Okay we have a new one for the Webster's dictionary.  Stuck'in HOT!   It's that time of the year when you don't know whether to wear short sleeves or a heavy jacket.  We were going to head out to eat for the early evening.  The weather was warm and the car was hot inside.  We had to sit in the back and I told Jenna that she had to sit in the middle.  She followed orders but was not happy.   She wanted to sit by the window.  She was wearing a winter sleeveless vest but was irritated and cranky because she felt hot.   We all got in the car sitting tight as sardines.  Jenna pipes up out of no where "I'm stuck'in hot!"  When I first heard this out of Jenna's mouth, I was shocked to thinking it was bad words coming out of my daughter mouth.  Just to make sure I was not hearing things, I asked her to repeat herself....she said "Mom, I'm really stuck'in hot!"  Phew, thank my lucky stars... I'm glad she is that and not the other.  We got a good laugh out of it to say the least! 

The next best thing to solving a problem is finding some humor in it.