Thursday, June 9, 2011


Jenna wanted to go to the neighbors house and play on their water slip and slide.  I helped her get her swimsuit on.  To keep her warm on her bike ride over to their house, I had her also throw on over her swimsuit a ruffled mini skirt and a pull over top.  Well, she came home looking the same way that I sent her, so I assummed she had the same thing on underneath.  I figured her swimsuit got wet during their playing but then it air dried before she threw back on her clothes.

I was wrong....

She was goofing around with Uncle Tim.  Uncle Tim tackled her to the ground to tickle her.  He tickled her to the point of her saying "Uncle, please no more ".....he stopped and she kind of laid their recuperating.  I glanced over to her, after the tickle event of her on the floor, her skirt had kind of lifted to her hip and I could barely see the crack of her butt peeking out from under her skirt.  I blurted out..... "JENNA, do I see what I think I see!?!"  She kind of looked at me with a blank look, with like what are you talking about mom?  I said again "Jenna, do you really have no underwear on?"  Without saying anything, she looked at me with a face like .... oh no, I'm in trouble now.   I said to her "why are you wearing no you like it airy down there or something?"  Her eyes got big and pronounced and she blurted out a "WHAT did YOU just SAY?"  I repeated myself and Jenna replied "oh, I thought you asked me if I like it hairy down there or something."  I chuckled but really, how do you respond to that???  Conversation done.
*sigh*   Later that day, being the responsible parent, I explained the importance of wearing underwear...

Remember…the freedom you experience today came at a great cost to those before you.

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