Monday, June 6, 2011

Not your typical BEE line...

Sigh, the beautiful weather has finally arrived in Wisconsin and it has been absolutely perfect for walks in the evening.  My sister Shelly and I have been on our quest to do a lot of walking in an attempt to aid in weight loss before we go on vacation.  Our ritual involves bringing the dog Niki for her added exercise and my daughter Jenna tags along on her bike as well.  

We have a newly developed sub division behind our house that has very little traffic so that has been our choice for safe walking.  Their neighborhood layout is kind of horseshoe shaped, and in order to enter this new subdivision, we have to walk down our road, make a turn and then were in for our evening stroll.    

As we were walking, my sister announced that she wishes she would of made a pit stop to the bathroom before our take off because she now feels that she really has "to go pee".  I  listened and replied "Maybe we can cut our walk short if you like."  On this walk, we typically walk this entire horse shoe shape to one end, then turn around to come back. Shelly insisted on sticking it out and being a sport to do the entire normal length that we usually take.  

At the tail end of our walk, you can see a full view of the backside of our house.  As we stand on the street, the only thing separating us is a long line of deep empty lots.   We made it to this view and by this point, my sister has to "really go."  She announces, "I'm going to have to cut this short, would you mind if I left you guys, as I have to go so bad that I am really considering making a bee line across the lot to the bathroom!"  Jenna being the young one that she is and not knowing a lot of American phrases, was listening to Shelly's remark and had a face of sheer shock.  She looked at Aunt Shelly and asked… "Aunt Shelly, are you really going to make a PEE line across the field to the bathroom?!?...why not wait till you get to the bathroom?!?"   Shelly and I were laughing so hard that we both just about pee our pants right there in the street!  

Again, Jenna did not think that was too funny that we were 1) laughing at what she said, and 2)that she was in the dark of what a bee line means.  This kid is seriously going to have a complex with us laughing at what she says, but I just can't help but bust a gut at some of the things she comes up with...

Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time.

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