Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stinky Boots for Santa

‎Dealing with "stinky boots" & not feeling prepared for this candy in a boot thing on the eve of the 5th and again on the eve of the 6th. In all of my living years, I've never experienced this custom. Thought I had Jenna convinced last night that this is a custom that Santa only does in a foreign country. She came home from school today and says to me "nope, the kids at school say that there is a second chance that Santa will come tonight!" All I have to say is "When did Santa start coming so early?" I'm feeling a little out of touch with the world lately! First no double spaces after periods and now Santa comes not only on Christmas but earlier in the month too? I am so out of touch! She put her stinky boots by the fireplace so that Santa can leave her a present in her boots. I tried to talk to her about this custom and the fact that he may not swing by here but she started crying. Yup, that pretty much confirmed that I had to make a trip into town. Personally, candy in a boot is kind of a turn off for me. So, yeah, feeling kind of guilty, I put on my street clothes, jumped into the car and just got back from making a trip into town at 10:30 at night with goodies in hand so that I can put them in her stinky boots. Yum, Yum.....
stinky smell causes lady to hold her nose plugged to avoid smell

Christmas is a day of joy and charity!  May you be very rich in both!

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