Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Somebody That I Used to Know

I've got a new fav "summer song".... yeah, no "Pumped Up Kicks" or bullet lyrics this year.  Gotta like those songs with the special lyrics, the ones you can kind of relate to.....this song theme seems to be about a relationship gone wrong which is something that I can relate to.  This first video is pretty cool, creative and different....right up my alley. The second video is simply interesting and entertaining.  There seems to be two different versions, and I am not too sure who the original artist is.  Gotye, maybe, or Kimbra? Walk Off The Earth?  But here you go, enjoy...
OMG, I stumbled onto this parody of the song ..... you've got to watch the first two though before you watch the parody in the third video or you won't understand it! It is hilarious!  I laughed so hard, my eyes were watering!
Anyone familiar with Fred from the youtube channel?  The guy in the first video reminds me of him!  No?

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