Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hCG Activator

My weight has gotten so out of control that I am kicking around doing the hCG capsule form  and diet.  The diets that I have been dabbling in, have of course not worked.  I am a little hesitant of these hCG capsules, as it is kind of new on the market and I am not a big fan of putting foreign stuff in my body but I have read articles and books about hCG and think the theory kind of makes sense.  I am working up my courage to at least try the capsules.  There has been mixed reviews that are saying that the capsules are not as effective as the injections.  And then more comments of well, heck, if you were to do a 500 cal a day diet, you would loose weight with or with out the pills.  Part of me wants to disagree with that comment just for the fact that I have experienced the fad diets and deffinately have pretty much done the low calories and have been miserable because I am constantly hungry or it seems that my body says "hey, you are starving me, so I am going to buck you every which way to conserve so you don't loose pounds."  Typically it ends up that I end up getting sick or something stupid in the end and when I finally go back to eating normal, my body is like "FOOD....NEED FOOD TO SURVIVE" and then the pounds I lost just magically appear right back and then eventually go even higher from where I started.  It's been a fighting battle, I tell you.

This is kind of off the subject of hCG but earlier this year I watched a movie/video on youtube that was called "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead."  If you have not seen it, I recomend watching it.  It is inspirational and changed the way I approach getting "greens" in my system.   I like a good salad every now and then but I don't care for them every day.  So juicing has become a great way for me to incorporate this need into my way of eating.  Of course, I watched the video and thought the gentleman was strictly doing leafy greens, veggies and some fruits to combat his health issues.  He must of been sneaking a few beans, nuts or lentils into his diet, because I just don't know how one can survive as many days as he did without them.  Never the less, I tried juicing for about 5 days.  I made it through and lost probably about 6 pounds but deep done felt like my body was screeming for a large steak or some kind of protien.  

Then just recently before I went on vacation, I tried the Dr. OZ's approved 7 day crash diet.  I think I did it for 7 days and lost  I maybe five pounds.  But once I got back to eating normal, the weight snuck right back on again.   

So, I have it up to here (picture me throwing my hands and arms above my head!).... and now I am looking at this bottle of hCG capsules.

I'm going on vacation soon to New Orleans, so I figured since I won't have a scale to weigh myself and with the plethora of food that is available, that will be my excuse to begin the "Pre-Diet Phase" prior to starting the diet.  It says to resist from dieting prior and eat as normally as possible until full, regardless of weight that is gained in the process. This helps the normal fat reserves to become reasonbly stocked.  Reason being that you won't be able to subsist comfortably on the 500 calories a day unless the normal fat reserves are well stocked. This process will be easy for me to do on vacation as I would have done that anyway!  I'll keep you posted.  

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