Wednesday, June 27, 2012

hCG diet - day 7

Well, I am tickled to report that I lost another pound and a half this morning!  Whoot, whoot!  But, I was bad today because for dinner my family had my potatoes, carrots and onion sautéd in grape seed oil...  so I took the carrots and onions and skipped the potato for my portion of veggies.  I also had some squash.   I'm sure the veggies sautéd in oil will come back to bite me in the butt.   Also, I had chicken on the bone instead of a simple boneless breast.  I have not been calorie counting to the tee but have been eating a lot of veggies.  I was also naughty as my daughter bought some bulk candies and I had two now-and-laters along with a toffee for desert. I'm sure this part of falling off of the wagon will be the nail in the coffin.
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