Friday, June 29, 2012

hCG diet - day 9

Well, I've hit that brick wall and have now been on a plateau for two days.  I have not been over eating but on the same hand was not doing any bicycling or swimming as I was the days prior so maybe the lack of those two things is the reason.  Plus I did have those veggies sautéd in oil a couple days ago along with the chicken on the bone and 3 small candies which could of been the reason to start the plateau.  I can't blame the hCG as I have not been following their agenda for food to eat 100% plus I had the chicken on the bone along with the veggies sautéd in oil.  That could of been my fall-out right there.  But I've done the extreme low calorie diets in the past and know that practically starving myself is not the answer either, as that just screws up my system.  

I think my next game plan is to continue the hCG pills for one more week and then if I see no results for getting past this plateau, then I am going to go off of the capsules and start the stabilization phase.  I'm just pleased that I have lost about eight pounds so far.  Today my plan is to go for a bike ride and then do some swimming.   We will see if that makes a difference.  I wanted to start lifting weights on about day eleven or twelve.  I did not want to do it at the start of the diet, as I wanted to see what this hCG did without weight lifting.... sort of as a test market.   So, now that I have hit the plateau, I think I will start the weight lifting today or tomorrow.  

Here is a little history about hCG that I found in my reading... British physician Dr. Simeons discovered back in the 1930s, the idea that daily hCG hormone injections might assist people in losing weight. At the time, doctors had discovered and reported success treating children with Frohlich's syndrome (which is a condition marked by obesity and slow development of the reproductive organs) by giving them injections of gonadotropin derived from pregnant women's urine.  I did read from Dr. Simeons that he decided to experiment with giving the gonadotropin (it would later come to be called HCG) to people who were obese but did not have Frohlich's syndrome. When he did so, his patients' appetites diminished and the circumference of their hips and waists decreased -- even though they did not lose weight.

One thing that I have to say is that according to the hype, hCG is suppose to help diminish the woozy and weak feeling that people get on a low calorie diet.  I would have to say that I have not been feeling woozy or weak during these past seven days.  I am drinking a lot of water during this diet.  It could be that I have not been feeling that weak or woozy because I have been eating for lunch and dinner a lot of yellow, orange and red peppers plus the broccoli to fill me up.   As soon as I wake up, I try to take two capsules and then lay in bed for awhile, or if I forget then I take it once I get up and moving.  I'll have some coffee (with Truvia in it since I am only allowed a tablespoon which I save the dairy for my veggie/fruit smoothie at night) but I try to leave at least 20-30 minutes after the capsules before I eat anything.  I am feeling thinner than before my vacation (which I am only a couple pounds lighter from that weight at that time).  In fact, it could be all in my head but I do feel that my upper arms feel "thinner" along with my belly area unlike prior when I was that same weight.  So perhaps the hCG is allowing the fat burning to come off of areas that make a difference?    Who the heck knows, it is all assumptions.  

I mentioned a veggie/fruit smoothie earlier.  I have that after dinner if I feel hungry.  Which I make with a "Organic Power Greens Super Mix."  This mix is made by Earthbound Farm and consists of spinach, red and green chard and baby kale.  I take about a 1/2 cup of water and blend with a big handful of these power greens.  Once they are to the consistency of juice, I then add about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of crushed ice to the blender, 1 tablespoon of milk or plain yogurt (which is what I saved from the morning allotment referring to what the hCG activator says I could of added to my coffee earlier in the day), 3 frozen strawberries and a splash of plain unsweetened applesauce.  I also add some Truvia to taste.  This is like a dessert for me as well.  The hCG activator says to use Sccharin or Stevia.  I like Stevia but can't always get my hands on it so I substitue Truvia instead.  It is a natural zero calorie sweetener.  

Well, anyway, I am looking to try this one more week along with the stabilization period and see what my results will be then.  

hit the brick wall, white painted brick


  1. Sounds like you are doing great on the hcg weight loss plan. Just gotta make it to day 40, then you can enjoy a nice 3 week break! :)

    1. Jackie, please let me know if you have had success and whether you were using the tablets or liquid drops. If drops, where did you buy them? I had lost about 11-13 pounds of weight in my four weeks of hcg diet, as I could not eat exactly what they suggested because it seemed like not enough calories to sustain my activiity. I also had to pause as I went on vacation and knew it was not worth the trouble with having to endure restaurant food while on the diet. I allowed myself five days of coming off of the hcg diet before vacation and I truely was eating plenty on vacation (pizza, steak and seafood) that I thought I would gain back atleast 6-10 pounds of what I lost while on vacation. I even shared a german chocolate cake with my friend with a side of ice-cream! One absolutely great thing about this hcg diet that I have come to notice, was that whatever it does, it stabilizes the body so that when you do go back to eating almost regular, the weight does not go off the map and return like sticky glue on the body as it has typically done in the past. On vacation, I avoided deep fried foods like the plague. Typically when I've come off of a diet before in the past, food would just stick to my bones and I would gain back what I lost and then some. With this diet, I was petrified to get on the scale the next day after vacation to see what the weight gain damage was. I was extremely surprised when I got on the scale that the only weight gained, was four or five pounds. Once I got back home from vacation, I just ate simple meat, veggie and healthly foods (no dieting) and believe it or not, those five pounds that I gained from vacation disappeared within 2-3 days. I was tickled pink. I decided to go for another round of hcg for about three more weeks. If I can atleast loose another 12-14 pounds and keep it off, I will be tickled pink!

  2. Glad to hear you are seeing positive results from taking the HCG drops - I had a good experience with them as well :)

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