Monday, May 13, 2013

Geo Guessr Game

This is a fun little game if anyone is interested...
You get 5 rounds to play. You can use the internet to search for clues. 
Google will place you somewhere in the world and it is your job to guess where you are by using your surroundings, vegitation, or traveling down the road to read the signs. 

Beat my score, lol... I got 9,543 & 9476 on 3/17/14... which beat my old score of 13,219 points on 5/13/13!  

Post your score in the comment area :)
Link to game below...


Here are my guesses and how close I got.
geo guessr, score 9476

geo guessr, score 9543

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  1. Gaah, I should've taken a screen shot of my final score cuz I beat you :p You'll just have to take my word for it though. I did take a pic of my closest guess (gf told me about this game and I did a search to try and find out if it's the closest ever and your page came up).

  2. 32391
    Who can beat me? :)