Friday, November 18, 2011

It's all in the level of hugs...

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It's all in the level of hugs, in the literal sense.  So I got a good laugh from Jenna in the form of a perspective this week.  Jenna over the summer was saying when she gave me a hug "Mom, you seem to be getting skinnier."  I would say "well I may be a couple pounds lighter but I really am not all that much less in pounds, so I don't know why you think that sweetie." I was a little confused with her perception....either she was figuring out how flattery makes people feel good inside or MY SCALE IS BROKEN! I was not feeling any skinnier so therefore I was thinking perhaps she was trying to butter me up for something special since I really had not lost any significant weight.  One thing quite significant is that over the summer she has grown quite a bit in height.  She commented on my weight again this week... "Mom, you sure are getting thin!"  Ding, ding, ding .....I figured it out!  Granted, my waist is smaller than my hips (thank God!) but has not gotten any smaller in the last seven years......and she is getting she is not wrapping her arms around my hips anymore, her arms have moved up to the level of my waist!

If youth really were wise, it would miss most of the fun.

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